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Our services offered

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  • bathroom renovation

  • kitchen counters

  • whole house re-plumb

  • electrical, plumbing and carpentry

  • Flooring installation

  • Sheet rock repair 

  • Floor /dry rot repair 

  • Door / Window repair and installations

  • Shower surround installation


  • Mobile home re-leveling

  • Change out base pads

  • Replacing support/piers

  • Rodent/vapor barrier repair 

  • Tie downs/Earth quake bracing systems

  • Skirting

  • Siding

  • Steps, decks doors

  • Replace e-main cable

  • Roofing repairs

Seniors and vets receive 10% off jobs of  $1,000 or more

We offer Mobile Home Re-leveling/ Foundation    Repairs

Mobile Home Re-leveling starting at $445
 standard re-level on exsisting foundation

Manufactures typically recommend re-leveling manufactured homes every 3-5 years as routine maintenance . 

Some of the signs   it's time  for a re-level......

  • Buckled siding or roofing

  • Doors and windows that are difficult to open and close

  • Cabinet doors that won’t close

  • Loose tie-downs

  • Uneven appearing floors , gaps uneven marriage line

  • After building a porch or addition onto the home

  • Erosion under the home

  • Loose wedges

  • After extreme storms (hurricanes, windstorms, earthquakes

Our Full Service Re-levels include

Re-leveling includes a 20 point inspection , check and tighten all supports. Inspection of rodent barrier, e-main cable , dryer vent and plumbing for leaks. Leveling front to back and side to side on exsisting foundation. 
Includes 1 -year warranty 

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  • CASH 

  • CHECK 



Please keep in mind payment is due upon completion of contracted work. We do not accept mailed checks. There is a 3% fee for credit /debit cards. 


We appreciate at least 48 hour's notice to cancel or re-schedule appointments.

service charge 

A service charge is a standard rate charge for service providers traveling to customer locations. With the rising costs of everything in today's market we have had to implement a service charge to help cover our costs of travel to your site.

free estimates

Most estiamtes are completely free. For more extensive estimates we require a deposite of $ 105 which will be deducted from the price of the job.

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